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The research compiled here will attempt primarily to answer the following questions for the layman: "What is digital music distribution and why is it significant?" "Who are the stakeholders in digital music distribution?" and "What are the primary drivers of the imminent changes in the music industry?" Formal reference material on this subject is in short supply. As a result, opinions, facts, and statements made by stakeholders and industry observers have been gathered from various articles published both in print and on the Internet will be quoted as sources.

What 's at Stake?
Traditionally, music has been recorded to physical media, like CD or cassette now or like vinyl in the past, and distributed to music consumers through
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The encoding and decoding utilities are commonly known as "rippers" and "players". You "rip" tracks from pre-recorded CDs and translate them into the MP3 file format by using an encoding utility. The resulting MP3 files can be "played" with an MP3 decoding utility.
Diamond Multimedia v. RIAA
The MP3 digital music format was developed in an open, non-proprietary environment an international standard, really as a basis for the development of storing and playing audio and audio in conjunction with video. It could easily be compared to the Internet-enabling Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) by its intent. These technologies, as well as others, grow out of cooperation among stakeholders for the purpose of elevating a technological field. As such, it offers no inherent protections, such as protections against the duplication of copyrighted material. MP3 's open nature has attracted it a large and growing audience among music lovers. Individual and small-time developers using the standards to create freeware or shareware "rippers" and "players" enabled the availability and increasing demand for music in the MP3 format. These utilities and music files ' easy accessibility to audiophiles and the growing word-of-mouth on the Internet have contributed to a growing commercial market. Among the products that attempt to satisfy the increasing consumer demand for access to digital music is the portable MP3 player. In the fall of 1998, Diamond Multimedia

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