Mpls Ip Vpn Services And Network Testing

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3.1.1 Description – MPLS IP VPN
MPLS IP VPN will allow the company to connect all three locations to each other over the Internet, This will be done utilizing a Virtual Private Network. This will allow for a secure connection for the company, while using the existing infrastructure of the Internet.
3.1.2 Cost and Benefits – MPLS IP VPN Costs
Identify all relevant costs incurred over the chosen project timeframe: o Tangible non-recurring.
• Cisco 7304 Router x4 – 120,000.00
• Cisco MDS 9148 Switch x4 – 128,000.00
• Labor to install and purchase Cat6 Cable – 60,000.00
• Cisco UCS B230 M2 Server x6 – 80,000.00
• Dell Precision M670 Laptop Workstation – 625,000.00 o Tangible recurring costs.
• Software license
• MPLS connection $600/month; $21,600 for 3 years
• Quality Assurance and Network Testing Benefits
This option is costly, However it comes with many benefits and it will save the company in the long run because this equipment is on the cutting edge. It exceeds the current network workload, and will also be able to handle an increase in network traffic and growth over the next few years, without having to buy more equipment. These figures also include spare laptops in case there is any equipment failure in the future, it also allows room for growth.
3.2 Windows Azure
3.2.1 Description – Windows Azure
Windows Azure is a cost-effective solution to store and access your companies data. With this option there is no need to have servers in-house,
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