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21129 MANAGING PEOPLE & ORGANISATIONS ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES AND MARKING CRITERIA 1 CONTACT DETAILS FOR QUERIES Query Tutorial readings, marking guidelines, feedback, appeals, remarking, assessment extensions (one week from assessment submission date) Tutorial allocations, remarking (only after first consulting with the tutor), appeals (if it is an extension over one week), Special considerations, exam rescheduling and any other unresolved MPO queries Name Your tutor Email Dr Shamika Almeida (Cosubject Coordinator) The assessment structure in this subject has been designed to test your understanding, critical thinking and essay writing skills in relation to the objectives set…show more content…
(2006) Leadership Competencies: Time to Change the Tune? Leadership, 2(2): 147-163. 2. Browning, B. W. (2007) Leadership in Desperate Times: An Analysis of Endurance: Shackleton 's Incredible Voyage through the Lens of Leadership Theory. Advances in Developing Human Resources, 9(2): 183-198. 3. Herman, S. (2007) Leadership training in a “not-leadership” society. Journal of Management Education 2007; 31(2): 151-155. 4. Jackall, R. (1988) Moral Maze, Oxford university Press. 5. Gabriel, Y. (1997) Meeting God: When organizational members come face to face with the supreme Leader, Human Relations, Apr, 50(4):315. 6. Meindl, J. Ehrlich, S. and Dukerich, J. (1985) The Romance of Leadership, Administrative Science Quarterly 30: 78-102. 7. Clegg, S., Kornberger, M., and Pitsis, T. (2011) Managing & Organisations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, London, Sage (Chapter 4) 3 Please note that most of these articles/readings can be accessed via e-readings. See details listed on tutorial guidelines on how to access e-readings. Prescribed resources for Essay 2- “Discrimination is a likely occurrence during the recruitment process. Discuss this statement in relation to the human resource practices and the issues relating to personality, perceptions and values of managers” are as follows: Prescribed readings on human resource management 1. Almeida, S, Fernando M and Sheridan, S (2012) Revealing the screening: organisational factors influencing

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