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2. "Organisations need strong culture". Consider this statement in relation to how we understand and make sense of culture in the post‐bureaucratic era.

Culture is an important aspect of an identity. It is what we believe, how we behave and culture influences an identity’s decision making. Organisational culture is the deep, basic assumptions, beliefs and shared values that define organisational membership. It is also defined as member’s habitual ways of making decisions and presenting themselves and their organisation. In this essay, I will be discussing about organisational culture in the post-bureaucratic era. First of all, I will be talking about how top management and employees related through culture by utilising
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Rosen (2007) brings up the of positive effect of the Christmas party where everyone in the organisation are treated equally, which helps to tight up the relationship between people in the organisation and improve good culture. According to Rosen (2007), ‘workplace is not only a place to work, but also a place where one is loved or may love’, I will show that organisational culture in the post-bureaucratic era is more focused on social skills, treating people as a family and reducing on controlling employees as machines. The article emphasises the stage where an organisation gets out of bureaucracy (Taylorism) and applies Mayo’s rule, improving social skills and paying attention to group needs.
Finally in this section, I will be discussing about the distinction between bureaucratic and post-bureaucratic era through Kärreman (2004)’s references. I will analyse the meaning of bureaucracy and post-bureaucracy as well as the different methods, models that applied in the two eras. I draw upon Kärreman (2004)’s experiment to show bureaucracy’s positive and negative sides, as well as post-bureaucracy’s sides. According to Kärreman (2004), Taylorism focuses on work procedures and constrains workers to do only the correct thing in an economic way. It improves efficiency and gets the organisation structured. However the method treats employees like machines by using hard HR, which reduces the culture and relation between workers and

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