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1. Using Herzberg and Maslow theories I will show that motivation for staff to work well depends on more than a high salary and good working conditions.

Herzberg’s theory (1966) concluded that factors such as (but not limited to) Achievement, Recognition and Advancement motivate staff. This is shown in the Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd case study as everyone is fairly well paid however James is often treated as David’s senior whereby he would have James give out the new projects to staff and was also allowed to authorise site visits when David was out of the office. This has lead too many of the engineers being de-motivated and to a certain point disgruntled as they all have their chartered status and James doesn’t and therefore less
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2. Using John Adam’s theory of Equity and Lock’s Goal theory I will describe situations within the organisation.
Adam’s theory said that people value fair treatment and as they embrace this it keeps them motivated their output is far more productive. It explains that “Equity” in the workplace is based on the appropriate ratios of inputs and outputs.
Referring this to the Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd case study Jack and his technicians all sit in the same room which is encouraging for team morale. They all share ideas and suggestions therefore everyone in one way or another is involved and has an input and as a result they are work as a successful cohesive unit. This is supported as David can be quoted saying “They did get through their projects more quickly. As a result their bonuses were always higher”
To further highlight the team perceiving their treatment to fair. They have an excellent balance between their input and outputs. They all work hard and in return they gain financial rewards, mixed with responsibility, a sense of achievement, growth and recognition.
Lock’s Goal Theory of motivation is one of the most regularly used in today’s businesses. It is the use of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound targets. We know this as SMART Targets. SMART Targets increase performance and ability to achieve difficult goals.

Again referring to the
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