Mpo Outcome 4

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seMPO Outcome 4 Nisa Local – Denny Current Structure The following is the current structure of the convenience shop Nisa Local in Denny, Falkirk. It shows the span of control that exists within the shop. Manager Assistant Manager 2 Till Supervisors - 2 Stock Supervisors - Head of Kitchen 6 Till operatives - 6 Sales Assistants - 3 Kitchen Assistants The current format of the organisation is a flat structure. They have only 3 layers and people directly report to the above line for orders and tasks are delegated directly down a direct line of…show more content…
They will know the span of control and any problems can be directly filtered up through the ranks. Assistant managers can deal with the workload between them and will not hold sole responsibility. This will ease the pressure and make work more manageable. They will also be able to delegate the tasks directly down to the shift supervisors who in turn can delegate further to the retail assistants on the shop floor. All members on the shop floor will be trained to do all aspects of the job, thus improving morale and efficiency within the business. A hierarchal structure will also mean there is a direct promotion line and will give all staff something to work towards. The manager will oversee the running of the shop but will be less involved with the on-shop tasks and can concentrate on the more strategic and long term aims of the business with the introduction of another assistant manager. Employees will also know exactly what it is there is to do as there will be a more direct communication line, resulting in a more improved communication within the business and messages not being “lost in translation.” The kitchen department will be completely separate from the rest of the business, will have its own till and stock levels, and a head of kitchen will oversee the running of the kitchen with 3 assistants reporting to them. The Head will report directly to the manager and will cut out unnecessary communication with other departments in the business.
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