Mr. Allen Lugo Case Analysis

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On Tuesday, April 3, 2016, at 9:15 a.m., the investigator drove out to conduct a cold call with Mr. Chad Lockard at his residence, 4316 Deacon Street, Bakersfield, California 93312 to obtain his statement regarding his employment with the insured. It is our understanding; through Mr. Allen Lugo’s statement that Mr. Lockard was driving a pilot car when they were hired to follow the driver of the rig to a destination in Firebaugh, California before the accident occurred with the drilling rig. According to Mr. Lugo's previous statements taken from two interviews, Mr. Lockard inspected the damage done to the rig soon after the rig was damaged from striking the bridge. Also, it is our understanding that Mr. Lockard acted as an agent for the
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