Mr. Arend Lljphart Is An Author Of A Book Called Patterns Of Democracy

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Mr. Arend Lljphart is an author of a book called Patterns of Democracy. The book examines the forms and performance of governments in thirty-six countries. Patterns of Democracy is seventeen chapters long. Below, there will be a critical analysis of a claim or a particular theory in the first seven chapters on the merits of the claim or theory. To start with, chapter one is an introduction to what is to come. It claims that two models of governing - the majoritarian model and the consensus model exist. In a majoritarian model, a governing body will seek to satisfy a will of a bare majority or even a will of a plurality of a governed body. Alternatively, in a consensus model, a governing body will seek to form a consensus to fulfill the wishes of as many people as possible. Even in a democracy, it is possible for a government to listen to the wishes of a minority while ignoring the will of the majority and attempt to convince the majority that the minority has a point here. Secondly, the title of the next chapter of the book is the Westminster model of democracy. As the author noted, this is another name of the majoritarian model. It is unclear why the author felt a need to dedicate a chapter to this. That said, he effectively gives three countries that fit this group. Furthermore, the author listed ten characteristics of the model and how England, New Zealand, and Barbados comply and deviate from the model as well as any qualification that needs to occur in the group.

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