Mr. B Runner: A Short Story

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Mr. Brunner was a modern day buissnessman, who always wore a blue button- up shirt, black pants and a grey coat. He lived alone in the suburbs all by himself close to the city. He didn’t like living alone, and he wasn’t married.

While he was walking home, he saw an old shelter. Then, as he walked closer, he heard timid whimpers from outside. He peeked through the metal cage, and saw a dog all alone with no others around him. Huh that’s weird... Mr. Brunner thought. Mr. Brunner bent down and read the golden medallion on the dog’s neck. The medallion said Shadow. He took the dog home and settled down on the couch, tired from a hard day at work. He inflated his inflatable bed and said “ Come on boy! Get onto the bed! ” Shadow wouldn’t budge.
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He knew that this call was probably from his parents, and he knew that his parents despised pets, especially dogs. He picked up the phone his breath shaky and nervous. “ HEY SON HOW YOU DOING! ” his dad shouted over the phone.
“ I’m fine dad. ” Mr. Brunner responded timidly.
“ About that dad… I found a dog… ”
“ WHAT! ” “ YOU GOT A FILTHY CREATURE INTO YOUR HOUSE? ” his dad yelled. “ Listen it was abandoned in a shelter okay… ”
“ YES YOUR FATHER IS RIGHT! “ his mother said impatiently in the background. Mr. Brunner put down the phone slowly, and wondered what he could do now.

The next morning Mr. Brunner woke up to the sound of a vase breaking.
“ SHADOW! ” he yelled. He stumbled into the kitchen, where he saw Shadow waiting in the kitchen sitting patiently with broken ceramic pieces all around him. Really? I did not need that. He thought. “ BAD DOG! “ he said. That was the vase that his mom had given him when he moved out of their house. Mr. Brunner realized that Shadow was not trained and was very wild. He also realized that only one thing could solve all of his problems. He had to get a dog
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Every day the trainer would come but it seemed that he just took a lot of time, and did nothing. In fact, it took so long that Mr. Brunner took a little nap in the living room. After a WHOLE week of this. Shadow finally listened to all the commands that he had learned, and sat without breaking anything. When Mr. Brunner told Shadow to sit, Shadow sat. Now, Mr. Brunner needed to make things right and solve his own problems.

He dialed his parents phone number, and put the phone to his ear. “ WHAT IS IT SON, BECAUSE WE ARE NOT COMING AGAIN.” “ Dad, Shadow is trained and I can prove it to you.” “ YEAH? HOW? “ Come over one time and you will see. “ “FINE BUT IF HE ISN’T TRAINED… “ his voice trailed off.

His Parents came two days later. They all sat at the dinner table. His dad amazed that Shadow was sitting. “ I had no idea a little beast could behave… “ Mr. Brunner was smiling slyly, as he looked at his dad’s shocked face. “ so… are you okay with shadow NOW? “ Mr. Brunner asked. He saw his dad’s mouth open but no sound came out. His dad closed his mouth and got up. “ Apple Pie anybody? “ his mom asked. Mr. Brunner smirked as she chased after his dad.

Mr. Brunner watched his parents drive off into the night, with Shadow at his side. Mr. Brunner smiled and turned back. Shadow bounded for his bed, and immediately started to sleep. Mr. Brunner flopped onto the couch. It had been a long
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