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BTEC National Certificate in Business Management Unit 18 – Managing a Business Event Assignment 1 (P1 & M1): - Role of an event organiser / Organisational and legal requirements You are part of the ASFC student council. The council wants to organise an event for the students and you have been asked to research how events are run by other organisations. You must present your findings in a report format, which needs to be addressed to the Principle. You should structure your report as outlined below in tasks 1 and 2. This assignment assesses: P1 Describe the role and skills required of an event organiser. M1 Assess the importance of meeting organisational and legal requirements when planning a business event Signed…show more content…
This section will assess your understanding of the importance of meeting organisational and legal requirements. |M1 | | | |Task 2 – Using JD Williams as an example, include the following in your report: | | | | | |A brief description of legal requirements | | |e.g. | | |Health and
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