Mr Basset Monologue

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Hello Muriel!

I enjoyed your post for tonight. It was cohesive all through out. I appreciated the biological approach that you took as explaining your points when it was fitted.

I agree with all of your points when you were going over what were presumed physiological factors of Mr. Basset – such as a deterioration of the body mass due his age, dealing with health ailments such as hypertension and cancer, and dehydration. Nonetheless, the method of how you connected with all of what is going with Mr. Basset’s body made me realize something about his case, that I did not give a thought before. A good reasoning behind his poor nutrition could be him having low energy to eat anything due to the stress that his body is going through from the following conditions. The tidbit of the relation that you made between anti-hypertensive and arthritis medication and the lack of Mr. Basset’s appetite, taught me something about a possible reason behind his poor nutrition. You stated in your explanation that medications that helps to treat his hypertension and arthritis does not absorb nutrients well in the GI tract, so because of that, they alter the taste buds for the
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Basset’s psychosocial factors that could be affecting his weight loss such as being alone, lonely, and adapting to cooking for himself since the loss of his wife. With a void in his life now, he is perhaps believing that he should be along with his wife and everything else (including himself and his health) is no longer important. His lack of appetite could a sign of depression that he suddenly does not have the feeling to eat to compensate of his wife passing. The action of Mr. Basset seems to be done without thinking that this actually harming his body from receiving nutrients instead of helping. Hereafter, that could be a possible explanation to why his dentures are ill fitted according to the possible ideas that you mentioned as why he is
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