Mr. Boddy's Home-Personal Narrative

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Okay. Okay. I know this seems bad, but I don't think anyone will know it was me. Anyone here could’ve done it. They all had motives. I don't think anyone will realize that I was gone for so long. At least I hope not. I said I was in the bathroom and that's on the opposite side of Mr. Boddy's house than the dining room so maybe that will compensate for the time. Okay, you're probably wondering what I did exactly. When I tell you, don't freak out, I'll explain everything. I’m just gonna come right out and say it: I killed him. I killed Mr. Boddy, but I'm a grown man and he was acting like a child. Why? You may be wondering that. I wasn't planning on killing him tonight. I was actually really excited to come to this dinner party. The people here were invited for different reasons. I was invited because I just finished my newest invention: the car that doesn't need a driver. I've been working on this project for years now. I got the idea when I was in Egypt 5 years ago excavating dinosaur…show more content…
Boddy was a genius inventor. I am specifically disappointed in Mrs. White. She waits on him hand and foot. She knew that he did not do that project, yet she kept her mouth shut and let me sink into embarrassment. So, I got mad. Not you're average mad, the type of mad that's fuels rash decisions. I saw Mr. Body walk out of the dining room with Miss Scarlet. Now is my chance, I thought. I told the dinner party, I was going to use the restroom, and I followed Miss Scarlet's voice. I saw Miss Scarlet go up the stairs and Mr. Body walk into the conservatory. I walked as quietly as I could and saw a wrench near a flower pot. I grabbed and I was hardly thinking. I promise all I wanted to do was knock him out so I could take him to a room and ask him why he did what he did. I wasn't thinking straight and I hit him as I hard as I could. Once he fell over, I just kept hitting and hitting until I was positive there was no sign of
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