Mr. Brooks : A Serial Killer

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The movie Mr. Brooks was released in 2007 and is about a serial killer business man who is attempting to stop his psychological problem. Mr. Brooks who is played by Kevin Costner is a very wealthy man with a wife and one daughter. The movie starts by showing Mr. Brook’s success and the lavish life he lives. Also it shows his addiction of killing people as his conscious as person that Mr. Brooks calls Marshall. Marshall is the driving factor that urges Mr. Brooks to kill. As the movie progresses Mr. Brooks is caught by a wanna-be killer called Mr. Smith, played by Dane Cook. Mr. Brooks attempts to show Mr. Smith what it is like to kill someone as Mr. Smith requests. In a twisted turn of events Mr. Brooks catches the attention of the police and Mr. Brooks discovers that his daughter has killed a man and is wanted by the police. Mr. Brooks saves his daughter by killing another man in a similar way to take the attention off of his daughter. However now he faces another problem with the police looking after him after his killings. He sets up Mr. Smith and wipes any suspension off of him and makes Mr. Smith appear as the wanted killer. Movie ends with Mr. Brooks worrying about his daughter being just like him and having the desire to kill. The movie Writers have taken a complex plot of a killer who is both forced to kill to stay anonymous and to kill for pleasure. They glamorize the killer’s life and his ability to hunt and kill. The movie writers portray the killer as semi in
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