Mr. Burns, A Post Electric-Electric Play

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Mr. Burns, a post Electric-Play might just be the most confusing play I have ever watched. With a disjointed story, a lack of plot and slapstick comedy, the two hour run became an unnecessary waste of time as it ended with more confusion than conclusion. The purpose of a play is to connect with the audience and transcend a sharable experience, and Mr.Burns, in that sense, failed to fulfill that purpose. Then again, this is coming from somebody who is not an avid follower of the Simpsons. The play had an interesting concept of combining two popular pop-culture pastimes; a post-apocalyptic future and the obsession of artifacts in an increasingly fragmented pop culture. A stumbling block about the play was that it lacked a solid plot, which traditionally, would be the backbone of the story. However, by splitting the play into three very separate parts, the message or the story board became detached and caused even more bewilderment. During its running period, it felt as if there were three separate plays built on randomness. The first scene lacked material, for the basis of it was recalling a Simpson’s episode in the midst of an apocalypse. Having told to watch the particular episode beforehand, I attempted watching it but only prevailed halfway. It was definitely a regretful decision as the humor was embedded in recalling what went on or…show more content…
However, with the amount of absurdity going on stage, anything happening could be passed off as part of the production. The final scene was done 75 years later, and at this point, the play had evolved into a musical with all the initial characters acting as the Simpsons. All I hoped for was that this musical could be the saving grace of the terrible play, but to my dismay, with horrible musical numbers coupled with a nonsensical plot, the play just went
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