Mr. Burns : An Episode Of The Simpsons

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With the title alone, it is easy to assume that Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play would not be a typical play. Unlike other performances, Mr. Burns is not a simple narrative. Quite literally, it is a play within a play. The narrative lacks structure due to how it stands as a social commentary on the importance of entertainment to society. Mr. Burns began after what seems to be a traumatic event that has affected everyone’s way of life. From what we see as our survivors huddled around a campfire in the woods. They recount a normalcy of how life used to be, an episode of The Simpsons. Throughout the recounts on what happened in the episode “Cape Feare”, the play introduces a new character which gives exposition to the current landscape of the United States. As the play continues into its second and third act, there is a large shift on the scenery, lighting, etc. as the cast begins to recreate the episode of The Simpsons which they discuss in the previous act. While it is easy to get lost on why everything is happening, why they are performing, it comes to the central conflict of reclaiming normalcy of the world which has past, an episode of television. As the performance goes on, the costume design represents where our characters are at in their timeline. While, in the first act, the characters are dressed in stereotypical post-apocalyptic attire, it does vary in from what we are presented in the last two acts. Around the campfire, the characters are dressed in
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