Mr. Butt

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Stephen Butler Leacock (1869-1944) is a Canadian author. He will long be remembered for his best-selling book Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town (1912) as well as the numerous awards and honours he received during his illustrious lifetime as author, professor, lecturer and humourist.
Leacock published Literary Lapses in 1910, with the financial assistance of his brother George. It is a best-of compilation of his previously published writings. It sold out quickly and propelled Leacock into being known as one of the most popular authors in the English-speaking world. In 1911, Leacock 's collection of parodies, Nonsense Novels successfully followed. 1912 saw the release of Leacock 's satirical masterpiece, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town.
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We read: “Whatever people appear to desire it or not” and we no longer suppose him to be thoughtful enough to be somebody’s shoulder on time, but not just all the time.
As we all are used to find bad things in a person as soon as we said he is not very perfect at all, I will not reject such a unconscious “approach” to interpreting any man’s personality. So, seeking for some intolerant and pushy stuff to collect we can easily find the examples. He seemed to be very boastful about what he did, and even about what he was going to do, I guess: “My dear fellow,” said Mr. Butt, “I only wish I could. I wish I had the time. I am sure it would cheer you up immensely if I could. But I 'm just going out.” And unfortunately, to hear him speak, you’d think he is boastful about the things he shouldn’t be so boastful. “I can easily find it” he said about the way he is going to find a house of his friends, as he used to tell us. And to our great surprise we read further: “I 've a very simple system for finding a house at night by merely knocking at the doors in the neighborhood till I get it.” And it almost scares us, as we all know that it is very intolerant to do so. So Mr. Butt started his pleasant full of benevolence trip. It is nonsense to us, how spineless were all those people he disturbed! He said:”I had to knock at twenty houses at least to get it” and we are laughing through the tears at him.
Analyzing the night at the
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