Mr. Byrne Alcohol Abuse Case Study

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Mr. Byrne is living under the Barlow Rickets Bridge, Glen Park where he was outreached. When interviewing him personal questions about his childhood and his family system. Mr. Byrne’s stated that his mother and father was well respected in the community, thus no one knew about their alcohol abuse. The family system was his Parents, Mr. Byrne’s and three sisters. He discussed how his parents would drink and then fight, and how closes he was to his sister Catherine Daniels were. She would try to intervene in the altercation between their parents when they would drink. However, the father would start on the sister, Catherine and Michael would try to stop the father, and the father would end up beating him with the belt. These beating went on every…show more content…
Byrnes age of Onset began with alcohol at the age of 11, Marijuana age of 14 and Heroine age of 16. Mr. Byrne parent's never notice because of their own alcohol abuse. Although he experienced with Heroine at age 16 he stops because he felt that Heroin was, "bad news," he states. He discusses how he would hear voices at a younger age, but not as in-depth as he does know. He discusses school, and why he was not like by the other students and was picked on because of the clothing he wore and called goofy and different. He discusses how hard it was for him to focus and concentrate in school with the voices he occasionally would hear. According to Catherine, school was a struggle for him and she would do his work for him. He was left back in middle school, and high school their parents along with the teachers would pass him from grade to grade until he graduated. After Graduation Mr. Byrne Joined the Army to show he was not weak. However, according to Mr. Allen Werther he was his roommate in the Army and he followed orders well from the officers. But he knew there were some mental functioning problems with being in the army. Mr. Byrnes was injured one day by several IEU explosion; one hit his tank. He was unconscious for over an hour and according to Mr. Werther his mental status and functioning abilities to cope had extremely become worsen from the incident. According to Mr. Weathers, “he freaked out” and continually happen when they were close to heavy artillery or any explosions. He would have terrible nightmares, sweats and shakes, however he made the team swear not to tell. Mr. Werther beliefs it’s not just about the IEU, furthermost he thinks its something's wrong with his brain; his suspiciousness is not normal. Lastly, this why I have been trying to take him to the VA hospital for evaluation, but he will not
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