Mr. Chad Hebert 's Health Class At Oak Park Middle School

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My observation was in Mr. Chad Hebert’s health class at Oak Park middle school. The school is located down Oak Park Boulevard in Lake Charles Louisiana. The school consist of grades sixth through eighth grades. The classroom I observed was a regular classroom with inclusion students. The diversity of the students within the class consisted of all African American students and one student that was Puerto Rican. The teacher was a Caucasian male. The office consisted of African American faculty. When passing other children and teachers in school I noticed the majority was African American. There were eight males and seven females in the classroom that I observed. The children were not assigned any particular seats in the classroom. The girls seemed to sit together and boys sat in different seats each time I was in the classroom. The girls were always more involved in answering questions or with class discussions. In the classroom the teacher wore what looked to appear as gym clothes. It usually consisted of sweat pants and random t-shirt. He is also a coach for the school’s baseball team and taught P.E. after the health class. Also most days I observed was on Fridays and the staff wore casual clothes on Fridays at the school. He conducted himself very professionally. He was very well mannered and courteous. He gave me copies of the papers that the students were working on so I could follow along with the class. He also asked me questions regarding my major and which

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