Mr Cheveley In The Crucible

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Mrs. Cheveley appears to be a friendly, elegant, and innocent woman. She is a main character who creates the main conflicts in the play and is hungry for power and sabotage. Mrs Cheveley appears to take interest in Sir Robert Chiltern due to his success at the foreign office. Mrs. Cheveley is best known for her sarcasm, wit, scheming, and she becomes the play’s femme fatale. At first, her intentions to befriend Sir Robert Chiltern are friendly and innocent, but soon her intentions are devious after she blackmails him and claims that “scandals used to lend a man--now they crush him” (Wilde 480). Mrs. Cheveley’s scheme to ruin Sir Robert Chiltern’s reputation becomes the premise for Mrs. Cheveley’s conflicts and behavior in the…show more content…
Cheveley eventually reaches her downfall as the truth of her crimes finally uncovers, weakening her character. She faces an unavoidable karma as Lord Goring realizes that Mrs. Cheveley “stole that ornament from [his] cousin, Mary Berkshire” (Wilde 520). Mrs. Cheveley’s crimes and wrongdoing come back for her, similar to her actions of bringing up Sir Robert Chiltern’s past mistakes. Mrs. Cheveley is finally in a state of weakness and realization of her crime and evil acts as she reaches a state of “agony [and] physical terror” (Wilde 521). This agony and physical terror also comes as a shock to the reader due to her “high horse” notions earlier in the play. She finally comes to terms with her and becomes a character of anagnorisis as she comes to a realization of her vices which include her duplicity and deceitfulness. Alas, “a mask has fallen from her” exposing her true character and her weakness. This “mask” is the cover for her fragility which finally broke once the truth was revealed. She acts as a superior and dominant character on the outside, but once faced with the truth, she succumbs and is ultimately a weak character on the inside. I find this part of the play to be my favorite because the villain is finally taken down and also because justice is finally served as Mrs. Cheveley pays the ultimate crime for her
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