Mr Coffee Marketing Strategy Essay

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Marketing Final Project Team 1 Ryan Marshall, Manuela Antonova, and Joshua Booth Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew WeMo Enabled Marketing Plan Executive Summary A recent primary research survey has found that 70% of occasional coffee drinkers view the Mr. Coffee brand as an inferior or budget coffee brewing device that does not make a superior cup of coffee (Appendix, Opinion survey). Brands such as Keurig, Cuisinart, and DeLonghi inspire more thoughts of quality coffee than Mr. Coffee. Other consumers are opting to spend several dollars per cup of coffee at coffee houses such as Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, and even McDonalds (Appendix, Opinion survey). Mr. Coffee is a part of American iconography appearing in movies,…show more content…
Coffee, Inc. History, 2014). This marketing plan will show that the solution to Mr. Coffee’s problem is show that the features and technological improvements, specifically the Wi-Fi option, thermal carafe, and optimal brew temperature feature create a good value and great cup of coffee. The plan will rely heavily on channel and image differentiation. This device will be easier to get than pricey Italian entries and the Mr. Coffee brand will be shown to reestablish brand affinity by keying into pop culture references. Table of Contents 1. The Firm 2. Marketing Environment 3. Brand and Product 4. Competitive Analysis 5. Target Market 6. Positioning 7. Price Strategy and Pricing Decisions 8. Channels of Distribution 9. Integrated Marketing Communications 10. E-Commerce 11. Corporate Social Responsibility 12. Budget Allocation 13. Appendix The Firm Mr. Coffee is best known for pioneering and leading the market in the automatic drip coffeemakers. The brand was established in 1968 by Vincent Marotta and Samuel Glazer and was then part of the North American Systems, Inc. The owners came up with the idea for Mr. Coffee automatic coffeemaker in 1970 and their invention was an instant success. With sales of over one million units for the first 4 years, Mr. Coffee gained a market share of 10%. At this time the company was relying mainly on national TV commercials in
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