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James Copley is a junior at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN where he is majoring in political science with a concentrate on international relations. His interests with politics begin early on with his service in the United States Army. During Mr. Copley time with the U.S. Army he was able to have the opportunity to be involved with the rebuilding of the local and central government of Iraq. There Mr. Copley was able to gene an understanding of the complexity that a new government may face. Then from Iraq Mr. Copley did a tour in Afghanistan were he was able to work with different federal agency’s from the United States. When working with the different agency’s Mr. Copley was able to observe just how different the inner workings of each agency’s was and this help…show more content…
Copley was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. We he was spent his early life in and out of the foster care system. He was raised mostly by an immigrant from Hungary who influences helped with the shaping of his character. She also made it a point to instilled in Mr. Copley the values and traditions that made the United States the place were people from around the world wanted to come and live. Shortly after high school Mr. Copley Joined the U.S. Army and headed to boot camp just after he turned 18. Right after his tanning Mr. Copley was sent right off to the newly start war in Iraq. After his first tour in the U.S. Army Mr. Copley found him self in a situation that some many other U.S. veterans fined them self in, that of a homeless veteran. From there Mr. Copley meet his wife Katie and then he went on to work in the trades. After some time in the trades, Mr. Copley still felt the calling to serve the country. So Mr. Copley enlisted ounces again, were he found him self back in the Airborne with the division’s recon unit. From recon Mr. Copley and the rest of the units had under gone a change from recon to a search and rescue unit were they were able to put their skill to use in
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