Mr. Duddy Case

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Addressing problems with many variables can be quite challenging if you are not equipped to handle the decision making process. In this case study, my company will be analyzing all of the given parameters in order to come to a properly analyzed decision based upon a number of steps. The steps will embrace the problem question including the objectives which address what the business owner really wants and or needs, and the alternatives to solution which moves beyond the original business location. Next, there will be an examination of the consequences and tradeoffs which are connected with each alternative, which controls the end result. Also in this study, there will be an identification of the most important criteria used in arriving at…show more content…
The first property (Carlisle Walk) comes close to meeting some of the requirements; however Mr. Duddy truly wants his business to be close to customers walking by the establishment without having to attract their attention by making his façade flashy. The visibility factor is two stages below what he desires, which would mean that Mr. Duddy would need to advertise to create a consistent traffic flow in his business. The size of the location is also two steps below his needs, so he may find himself wanting more space. The comfort levels reach a small step below the ideal space needed, which in turn would detract away from the willingness for customers to look in and see if they are busy with other customers. The parking situation exceeds his needs, which could cause his customers to be looking for close parking spaces. The second property (Denver Street) has most of the amenities or exceeds the expectations. The closeness aspect is only one step below what he needs, which is an important element. The visibility is lacking dramatically below the scale, which is another vital requirement. The size is just right and fits his needs perfectly and is also a requirement. The image piece is a notch lower than he wishes, the comfort elevates beyond what he is looking for, but would be a beneficial part of expanding his cliental and is important to…show more content…
Duddy moved to the Carlisle Walk location, would he be willing to move away from the nearness of the foot traffic, reduce the size of his interior space, and reduce the comforts of the business to move to this location? Also, if Mr. Duddy moved into the Denver Street location, would he be willing to handoff the greater diminished visibility from the Carlisle Walk location and spend a little more money to increase foot traffic and added cost of rent and utilities? If he were to answer these questions, he would have a better understanding of which location is best overall including the reduced cost of the Carlisle Walk location. Since Mr. Duddy is desiring my company to make the decision for him based upon all of his necessary objectives and desires, I would go with the Carlisle Walk location, because his needs could be closer to being met with most of the niceties and it keeps the cost down without having to increase his overall expenditures to make up for the loss in visibility, which could cost him thousands of dollars in loss per month if the public is not able to see
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