Mr. Edmunds-Personal Narrative

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No, no way! This can’t be real. She can’t be gone, she just can’t be! Everyone has got to be lying. If Leslie is really gone then I need to see the rope. This can’t be, the rope snapped! Nope, I can’t believe it, I just can’t. I never should have gone with Miss Edmunds! That was the biggest mistake I have ever made.
Why did I have to be so selfish to Leslie? She died because of me! It’s all my fault. Why, why do I feel so numb and emotionless? I just can’t stop thinking about me not being there to help Leslie. A week has gone by and I haven’t been to Terabithia I can’t even smile or move from my bed. I hate not having her here, I hate it! The thought of Going back to school and not being able to see
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