Mr. Erwin Martin In James Thurber's The Catbird Seat

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“The Catbird Seat” by James Thurber introduces the prime character, Mr. Erwin Martin has been an employee at F&S for 22 years. Over time, he has established a reputation of one who does wrong, but they are unaware of what monstrous deeds he is capable of. Mrs. Ulgine Barrows is the latest to join F&S, where she has only been for a few months. In addition to her coming, she takes it upon herself, to reign over the established company. Continuously, she pushes his buttons further, and he is anticipating to “rub her out,” in order to rid of her before she begins taking over(1). This is how he justifies the idea to kill her. Although he is debating whether it be necessary, he finally decides and his intentions are unmistakable when he analyzes…show more content…
Burrows’. This is the moment he is visualizing repeatedly, and one can assume that he will take her life once he sneaks in. There is no reasonable explanation he would be here. This woman was nothing other than a nuisance to him, and it is obvious he is showing up with unpleasant intentions. He does not walk in as a guest, he prowls like a poisonous snake, on the move for his prey. Once he is clear of potential witnesses, he makes his way to her door where she stands. This shocks him and he moves into swift motion and, “He rushed past her like a football tackle”(3). Mrs. Barrows blows it off with a snarky comment, but there is suspicion lingering, when he questions if there is anyone else there. Sadly, she does not head warning, but instead she answers him concluding they are indeed alone, and he is at ease. Frantically, he scans the room for the weapon for murdering her. Mr. Martin is not a hunt for any weapon, the text reads, “Mr. Martin looked quickly around the living room for THE weapon”(3). The search for something to hit her with is not random, it is the weapon he assumes would be available, as mapped out. Initially, his plan all along was to kill her with whatever he found in her place. Following, he catches sight of a knife and he test if it is sharp enough, but came to a loss because, “It was blunt. It wouldn’t do”(4). Obviously, this is a red flag, especially considering how much he despises her. Not only is he seeking the appropriate sharp object, he also makes sure to retain his gloves, in case there is a residue of blood or fingerprints. Once he fails to find a dagger, a sudden thought arises. Instead of striking her dead, he realizes it is possible to deceive her. As he lies, he still throws back a drink and smokes to further eliminate the chances that his employees believe

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