Mr. Farquhar In John Bierce's A View From The Bridge

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True to Bierce’s style this deeply sardonic short story finds itself opening with little grace, we are immediately introduced to a man who is about to be hanged off a bridge. There is little to suggest what crimes he has committed in order to find himself in this disastrous position as of yet. Bierce goes into great detail in the first paragraph outlining the formation, stances and ranks of the various military men currently occupying the bridge with the condemned soul, a strong reflection of the artist’s distinguished military background. Saturated with oppressively dark imagery and cynicality so stereotypical of the Naturalism towards which he leaned, the story continues on to describe the very mechanisms that this gentleman finds himself…show more content…
We are introduced to Peyton Farquhar, a member of the Alabama plantation nobility. Mr.Farquhar was a man who, like many other well-to-do southerners, supported secession from the Union ever since the idea was first brought up. He believed ardently in the spirit of the South, and would have gladly given his life for the cause of the Confederacy. However, due to extenuating circumstances, he was unable to pursue the “opportunity for distinction” which he believed to be so ripe and proliferous in wartime. Until, that is, an exhausted soldier steered his mount up to the gate of Mr.Farquhar’s home. This dusty, trail-beaten soldier came to the massive estate of the Mr. & Mrs. Farquhar for a simple glass of water, which the lady of the house, being so humble as she was, gladly poured for him. While he was waiting on his much needed refreshment, the lord of the plantation and the worn out soldier began to talk, and Peyton Farquhar learned from this man of a railroad that the Union was planning to build so that it might assist them in an adroit capture of the South. From here, Farquhar knows what he must do, for he is not a man to sit idly and watch opportunity pass him by. He goes to Owl Creek Bridge, where the Union regiment is currently waiting, and aims to sabotage their invasion of his homeland. Unfortunately, something went
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