Mr. Fowler's Efforts To Promote Self-Awareness

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Mr. Fowler promotes self-awareness in Sasha by allowing her to post her work in the classroom. It is allowing her to decide which of her pieces is good and appropriate enough to share. Hopefully as she is hanging her work, she is talking to other students about the work and why she chose those pieces. Mr. Fowler is not promoting self-awareness when interacting with Sasha because he has met with her parents on several occasions and he emails her parents when her work is not complete. To promote self-awareness, he needs to meet with Sasha to discuss what is going on. She needs to be a part of it in order to be aware of herself and her surroundings.
Mr. Fowler is not promoting self-management when interacting with Sasha. He has her sitting right
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Fowler is promoting self-efficacy when interacting with Sasha by displaying her artwork when she completes her work. This display will serve as a reminder to Sasha of all the tasks she has completed in the past. In turn, she is capable of completing the one she is working on now.
Mr. Fowler is promoting self-esteem when interacting with Sasha. He posts her drawings when she completes a task. Sasha knows that Mr. Fowler thinks her art is good and this gives her a sense of pride. This is turn boosts her self-esteem.
Mrs. Holt should implement small groups when she working with Eric. She could allow Eric to be the leader in one of the groups since he is an above average student. Other students in the group would need have jobs as well in order to create system where Eric would not become too bossy. This encourages positive social interaction between Eric and his classmates. Eric’s interests could be used by Mrs. Holt to motivate him. He seems to be a gifted writer. She could allow him to write out his answers in story form rather than on the typical worksheet. He is rushing through and making so many careless mistakes on these worksheets. This would motivate Eric by using his love of writing to show what he knows in a fun
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