Mr. Gores: A Short Story

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“Breaking news! Two person car crash, one dead, the other seriously injured.” … “Shayna!” I called as I rushed to her side. There was no response. “Open your eyes, please Shayna, say something.” I felt the rain starting to drizzle on my face, stinging my eyes. There she was, my dream, laying lifelessly on the bed surrounded by flashing lights, the only thing I could hear was the constant beep of the heart monitor. The sound was comforting in a way, it assured me that my dream could still be alive, that it was still a reality. “Mr Gores, Doctor Haimes would like to speak with you now.” I turned to face him, wiping a hand over my face, my heart bursting out of my chest. “Mr Gores, I’m sorry about your wife. We need to get down to more practical…show more content…
My dream was the sandcastle that we’d built together, now washed away except for the one pillar with the ring, the hope that the sandcastle would survive. But, even the last fragment eventually disappears. The sandcastle could be built again,…show more content…
There was still time to make this gut-wrenching choice. Maybe if I kept the life support on, she’d wake up in less than a year? Then we could rebuild our sandcastle and I would make sure that she got to do most of it. But would it really be worth it? What if she stayed in this eternal sleep until the kiss of death woke her? Then our sandcastle would be gone, forever. If death took her, then I concluded, that her life would no longer be mine but her name would forever be pierced on my heart. I’m sure that there are other girls like her in the world. My scarred heart would heal and I would move on, after all they do say that time heals all wounds. This decision would be the death of me and I only had a few hours left to make it. I hated playing with my dream. 40 agonising minutes later, Doctor Haimes returned, bringing his trail of death with him. “Have you made your decision, Mr Gores? I’m sorry to be rushing you for such an intense matter but this needs to done.” Shayna’s life belonged to me before, it belonged to me now, and I was not going to let anyone else have it. “I have made my decision.” … “Update! Two person car crash, both victims
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