Mr. Helen Swift From The University Of Oxford

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Interviews at Oxford are somehow misrepresented as something to be afraid about, full of big mathematical problems and trick questions, however, the only thing students need to worry about is to make sure to bring their personality to the interview.

Dr. Helen Swift from the University of Oxford offered some advice: "We are genuinely interested in people 's honest views about what they have read. The questions are going to be challenging... but we are not expecting people to get everything right".

In the first part we addressed issues regarding who will be conducting the interview, how to prepare before you attend and how to impress the tutors of Oxford. In the second part we are offering advice on what to expect from the interview, and how to deal with pre-interview nerves.

What if I don 't know the answer?

Ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you feel that you may have misheard what was asked, or ask them to elaborate. You could even repeat the question in your own words to verify that you understand correctly. Additionally, the questions won 't have a simple answer, and some may be quite broad. If this is the case then feel comfortable to break them down and work your way through them to tackle each part of the question. If you feel that you might not know the answer to a question you can explore it as part of a question.

Here are some sample interview questions from previous interviews.

How to deal with nerves

Every candidate will get nervous to a degree,…

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