Mr. Henrich, Director Of Global Sales For Trimble Navigation

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I had the privilege to interview Don Henrich, Director of Global Sales for Trimble Navigation to gain insights on his professional experiences as a business leader. Mr. Henrich has many years of experiences working in the technology field in both start- up and large corporate organizations. He travels worldwide and works tirelessly to build his organizations successfully. He is very confident, very intelligent, and very passionate about wanting to succeed and “win”. Our discussion was long and provided great insight into the characteristics and skills needed to lead a company successfully. He patiently answered all my questions as I grew to understand the role of a leader in the business world.
To understand Mr. Henrich’s leadership style
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He earned his leadership positions by being qualified with technical expertise, being involved and informed and an expressed drive to “win”. He helps others’ understand the corporate vision and goals and motivates them to succeed.
Mr. Henrich made a point to express the values he demonstrates as a leader. He recognizes that all his actions and words influence and affect his team members. He is ethical, fair, open-minded, positive and approachable. He is ready to assist and help in any situation. But he expressed that he ultimately reports to a higher authority, whether internal or investors, which can conflict with the relationships he builds with those who report to him. Mr. Henrich is a transformational leader. He is passionate about what he does and loves coaching his team members. Listening to the hours he puts into his job and the constant travel, I cannot imagine too many members could keep his pace. He sets the bar very high and expects a lot from each member. He is very likeable but he reminds me of the toughest teacher in school that you can’t appreciate until you succeed in the class or years later. He expects a lot from all his members and believes they all have the ability to contribute successfully. He views his role as a coach to help his team members reach their potential. He focuses on helping his team develop their skills and challenges them to achieve more. He acknowledges he is a tough but fair boss. Mr.
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