Mr. Holliday And The Treatment Program

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Mr. Holliday reported that he does not see a need to change. Mr. Holliday reported that he is “not a big drinker and a social drinker”. He stated that he want to be free of legal trouble. He stated that he does not want to consume or get drunk again. Mr. Holliday stated that he will only consume alcohol at his house. Mr. Holliday reported that he will eventually stop consuming alcohol. He stated that he does not have a problem. It seems that he is in the precontemplative stage of change.

VIII. ASAM-DIMENSION 5 – Relapse, Continued Use or Problem Potential

Mr. Holliday stated that he considers his wife to be a part of his support system. He stated that she encourages an environment of sobriety. Mr. Holliday reported that there are not
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3. Have you ever been arrested or taken into custody even for a few hours, because of other drunk or stoned behavior?


Mr. Holliday was asked to submit to a Urinalysis Drug Screen (UDS) at the time of this evaluation. The results were as follows:

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V (DSM 5) describes the essential feature of a substance use disorder as a cluster of cognitive, behavioral and physiological symptoms indicating that the individual continues using the substance despite significant substance-related problems. Specifically, the DSM V describes diagnostic criteria as a problematic pattern of alcohol use leading to clinically significant impairment or distress. Mr. Holliday manifested the following:

Alcohol Use Disorder, Unspecified
1. Substance use is continued despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problem that is likely to have been caused or exacerbated by the substance. This is evidenced by Mr. Holliday’s self-report that he has continued to consume alcohol after the accident in spite of his hospitalization from a car accident.

Mr. Holliday presents a moderate level risk of continuing to progress into the disease of addiction. Mr. Holliday presents a moderate-level risk of continuing to use drugs. He has developed a maladaptive pattern of substance abuse evidenced by his recent legal problems. There are

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