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Nowadays people are living in a world which is composed of various organizations. Every organization has specific members and environments to perform its functions. Thus, how to arrange an organization and make the organization developed successfully has became a relevant issue. The way to answer this question is “management”. Management is the scientific way to make organizations to work continually. People who are responsible for organizing subordinates and organisational resources are called managers. To discuss the authorities and responsibilities of management, management theoreticians classify management into different levels. Some management theoreticians particularly classify management into four levels. However, most of the…show more content…
Wooldridge and Floyd reveal the participation of middle managers in strategic decisions is relevant. The authors investigated the strategic involvement that middle managers took in 11 banks and 9 manufacturers. According to Wooldridge and Floyd, middle managers’ strategic involvement is positively related to the measures of organizational performance. Moreover, middle managers’ strategic involvement is also positively associated with organizations’ strategic consensus. After understanding strategic involvement has the positive effect on organizational performance, Wooldridge and Floyd indicated some ways to improve the limit of strategic involvement of middle managers. Firstly, in order to improve the quality of decision making, middle managers need to substantially participate in strategic decisions instead of being in name only. Secondly, for helping middle managers start and weigh proposals, top managers need to carefully define the strategic circumstances. Finally, to have better organizational circumstances, top managers can ask middle managers to challenge decisions of strategies. Therefore, organizations can use middle managers’ strategic involvement to improve organizations’ working efficiency. After realizing the middle managers’ strategic involvement is important, how can middle managers’ entrepreneurial
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