Mr. Johnson Who Is A Health Information Technician

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Despite the demanding nature of his job, Mr. Johnson who is a Health Information Technician seems to find a perfect balance between his career and his personal life. He is a well-spoken, charismatic, spiritual, and intellectual individual who is a professional in his field. His personality can be defined as humble, cheerful, full of life, and with a good sense of humor. He enjoys travelling, meeting new people, and spending quality time with his family. When he is off work, he loves watching and playing sports. He is well respected and loved by his co-workers, and his interactions with them are always pleasant. He is also very passionate about his job and works towards being better at it every day. He loves being around his family. He grew up in a traditional family with five siblings. At the age of eleven he went to live with his grandmother who helped raise him, and shape him into the successful person he is today .He was mandated by his grandmother to attend church every Sunday which has played a major role in his spiritual life to date. He graduated from high school at the age of seventeen and applied to several colleges. He decided on Louisiana Tech University. He got his bachelors in Biology and has a master’s in Public health. He initially wanted to become a medical doctor but along the line, he lost interest in the field and settled for biology. After obtaining his Masters in Public health, he went for an internship at the University of Pennsylvania medical

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