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Grade 12 Short story Analysis 1. The man hood The Author The author: John Wain• John Wain (1925) • John Wain, born in Stroke-on-Trent in the north of England, is both a poet and a novelist and a short-story writer. He was also a lecturer in English literature at Reading University from 1949-55. Wain is a prolific writer and has produced four volumes of poetry, six novels, and two collections of short stories as well as works of criticism and an autobiography. His stories are generally concerned with ordinary people faced with the problems and decisions that make everyday life so complex. • Manhood" written by John Wain, a well-known novelist and a distinguished poet. John Wain is a realistic writer, aware of the social problems and…show more content…
Language: *First person narrator – author/protagonist speaks of own experiences which adds authenticity. *Style of writing is lively, personal and chatty. *Writer uses long sentences and short sentences for particular effects. *Language fits characters (Marina, a nurse, tells him to come and see her in the morning, as if speaking to a patient). *Personal touch in use of Afrikaans words like “oupa”. Plot/ Summary Most of the story is structure around the narrator’s train journey from Cape Town to Johannesburg. There is a very short story within the main story. The plot has two ‘twists’. The first occurs when the narrator’s three friendly travelling companions get off the train and he is left alone with the two delinquents. The narrator, who came to know through his style of telling the story and the way on which he relates to the other characters, He comes across a chatty and having a sense of humour, especially about his young self. He sees the family ties and roots important. In his way back to Johannesburg he meets five people in the compartment. Two bothers in khaki clothes and three companions, who hooked him in their conversation. He tells them a story of George Abrahams who claims that he once killed a man in a train. He tells them how he detected how he thinks George Abrahams was lying and may be a way to warn him to stay away of his luggage. The fact that George was slapped by his wife and said nothing

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