Mr Mcgregor Mean When Peter Underneath The Fence To Enter The Garden

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1.It is informative because the story is teaching you that you should always listen to your parents or you could get into some kind of trouble.

2. Four bunnies lived with their mother in a sand bank underneath the root of a big fir tree. The mother bunny was just about to leave to run some errands and she told the little bunnies to stay away from Mr. Mcgregors garden because if he catches them he may hurt them.

3. Peter wondered into the garden that his mother warned him about and he ran into Mr.Mcgregor. The mother told Peter not to enter the garden but he did anyway, so you know something bad is going to happen.I think this is rising action because if the mother told the bunnies to stay away from Mr.McGregor's garden you should know that something bad is going to happen or it wouldn't have been mentioned in the first place.
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Mr.Mcgregor was just about to catch Peter when he escaped out the window to freedom. "Peter slipped underneath the fence to safety." When Peter got to safety the story got more calm so you know that the climax of the story is
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