Mr Monsoon Narrative

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The Night of Mr.Monsoon (Continuation)
Heart pounding, sweat dripping, and noxiousness was all I could remember towards the end of the show. The moment of fate had arrived for me, would I finally complete my mission and number one goal to be Valley Vista’s 9th annual Mr.Monsoon. The leader of the school, second best to Prom King. All I could think of was reflecting the beginning of that event Me in the hallway practicing my dance Napoleon Dynamite dance. I could hear cars pull into the parking lot, and the loud footsteps that headed straight for the P.A.C doors. My palms were sweating in my pockets as if I was picking weeds on a hot summer day. That day March 4th 2016 was the day I have been dreaming of ever since I was a freshman. The day
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I was extremely neurotic, I was doubting myself, and as I heard more and more people walk in the more I began to shiver, which was odd for me since I was outgoing and uncommonly talkative. I was nervous I was going to fail my number one goal in high school (besides graduating). Everything was happening so fast, all the escorts were doing their makeup, and we were going through the beginning dance several more times while the curtains were closed. Immediately after 4th runthrough. The student body president with her over dramatic sparkling gold dress and earphone piece yells, “PLACES EVERYONE WE GO ON IN FIVE!!!”. My heart sank down to my butt, I was breathless. I made it worse when I decided to quickly peek my head out the curtain, just to see my whole family and my friends all sitting together, and of course the rest of the 115 attendants there chattering. Nonetheless with God’s gracious power. The show didn’t start for another 23 minutes due to Drews CD. It was not playing properly and he was the first one to go. That gave me time for my friend Maurice Farrow to calm me down, and the other contestants to calm me down. I was more nervous than the Wendy Torrance from the shining was being chased by Johnny. Finally the CD was fixed and we performed the begining dance perfectly. Which gave me more confidence, that I would be able…show more content…
Gazing into her eyes, and hearing her soft voice, slowly relaxed my tensed muscles. We all walked out horizontally with our escorts. The judges aloud one more point attempt, by letting the escorts pump up the crowds, some used money to throw at a constant, Mousa was twerked on, but me. Alyssa kissed me on the cheek and raised my hand up in the air, like something from the hunger games. I couldn't help but smile my ass off, I happier than when PeeWee found his bike. Afterwards was the big moment. When all of a sudden, the ballot and scores went missing. So we stood up there for 10 minutes, quietly waiting for the ballet to reappear. It was so silent you could have heard the crickets outside. Until Lanelle broke silence and made us stall by singing, dancing and doing push ups. Which was probably the most embarrassing thing they could make us do since I sound like a dying whale when I sing. After the ballet was recovered 7 more minutes later they first announced Mr.Popularity, which was the next best thing. The way to win that was to raise the most money for the charity you choose. Ethan Parachini won thanks to his mom (the principal) gave him a $200 dollar head start. He was given a small bouquet of roses and a tiny crown. Finally the epic moment, lanelle pealed back the envelope, i squeezed Alyssa’s hand. The whole audience and contestants starred as if they have just opened a briefcase filled with cash.
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