Mr. Myers ' Case

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Mr. Myers’ testimony revealed that the Lien Unit seized monies that were in his bank accounts; two accounts that are separate from his personal account. Mr. Myers stated that those two accounts are separate because the money in the accounts is not his personal money. One of the accounts was set up for his mother because of her mental state; he has Power of Attorney over her insurance and her health. He stated his mother received a settlement from the insurance company because of the damages done to her house. The check was issued in his mother’s name; he put the money in a separate account titled Renovations. Mr. Myers stated the money in that account is not used for his expenses; the account has nothing to do with him. He stated that when all of this happened, he spoke with the Lien Unit and was informed that if the money is his mother’s money; the Lien Unit does not want it. Mr. Myers stated he provided a copy of the check that was written to his mother to open the Renovations account; that check should bear witness for itself. He stated that the other account that is separate from his personal account is his business account for construction wiring. The account shows that the payroll is paid every single week to him and to other individuals when they are needed or hired. He stated that the rest of the money in that account pays for materials, fuel, etc. to make the business continue to thrive. Mr. Myers stated his business has suffered exceptionally since the
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