Mr. NAACP is the Biography of Walter White

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The Biography of Walter White, Mr. NAACP chronicles Walter White’s life from childhood until his death. The central focus is on his works within the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, as well as within civil rights movement as a whole. What made Walter White unique was his skin complexion. He was a blonde hair, blue eyed, extremely light skinned Negro. This shaped how White viewed himself, how others viewed him, and how he was able to make such a great impact for the black race. White grew up in Atlanta Georgia and came from a moderately well to do family. He attended Atlanta University. The summer of his senior year White experienced a great amount of racism while interning for Atlanta Standard Life Insurance. Those actions of racism inspired him to call for a chapter of the NAACP at Atlanta University. This did not occur due to lack of organization and participation. Following graduation Walter White worked at Atlanta Standard Life Insurance. He was very successful as an insurance salesman. This did not deter his will for racial civil rights. White, along with other coworkers, were successful in stopping the school board from cutting eighth grade from black schools to finance white school. An Atlanta branch of the NAACP was soon to follow. White’s life from henceforth would greatly evolve from a well-established insurance salesman to a prominent figure in the NAACP and the civil rights movement. His work in Atlanta attracted James Weldon
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