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Green Computing Research Project – Part 1
CIS 517 – IT Project Management

Green Computing Research Project

Computer science educators are uniquely positioned to promote greater awareness of Green Computing, using the academic setting to encourage environmentally conscious use of technology. This paper reports on practical techniques that can engage faculty and students, enabling Green Computing to be integrated into the classroom and research laboratory. Analysis and empirical evaluation of each reported technique is given, comparing the efficacy of each in terms of energy, environmental and financial cost savings. These results are provided as technological and economic evidence for the benefits of “Going Green,” and to promote
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| Project Manager | Hatem Numan | | * Project timeline, specifications, resource scheduling, charter, WBS, ROI formula, and monthly statistics and status updates | Research Assistant | Mat Demon | | * Responsible for overall research strategy and techniques. | Green Computing Expert | Karen Wolf | | * Research previously done projects and advice on new technologies used in green computing. |

Green Computer Technician | Abhinav Mehta | | * Help project team in selecting the suitable technology. * Study internal deployment | Green Computer Technician | Feng Zhao | | * Help project team in selecting the suitable technology. * Study internal deployment |

Ben and PM will find the resources at it earliest to conduct research work. The researchers will study the already conducted projects by different IT companies like Google, Microsoft etc. etc.
The summary of planned approach for managing this project will be to research how green computing has been done by other companies and what worked. A weighted decision matrix will be created for evaluation purposes. Lastly, a change plan will be created and put in place to prepare for possible changes that may come up. According to Karayi
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