Mr. Neilson's Heroes-Personal Narrative

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BANG!!! It was towards the end second period when a huge clap of thunder startled my working students and I. “Ms. Smith” said one of my students eagerly said “are we going to leave school early because of the storm?” “Probably not,” I answered. “it wasn’t bad this morning. It’ll pass soon.” I made sure my voice was steady to hide my uncertainty. The news had said there was going to be a light rainstorm, it was probably just some rogue thunder.
Then again, it looks pretty bad out.
I told the class to get back to work as I checked the weather. The rainstorm had unexpectedly turned into a colossal thunderhead in only a couple minutes. I had seen many of these storms before so I knew what to do if things go bad. Some of my students
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I counted heads as I lead my third period class through the school halls toward the closest basement entrance. We ran into one of the school librarians, Mr. Neilson, and had him join us. I almost lost my class a couple times, luckily Mr. Neilson was able to help me direct them, it was like herding cats in a sea of other cats. After a few minutes of panic we finally made it to the basement. Mr. Neilson and I helped my students down one by one. Then we helped another class and another and another. We helped almost all the classes in this section of the school to the…show more content…
He walked towards it and put his ear to the door.
He opened it, he opened the door and stepped out causing surrounding people to panic and the volume of the storm to greatly increase.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!” I screeched
“There is a child out there Ms. Smith. I’m not going to leave them out there.” He said all to camly. “Then I’m going to help you.” I responded over the storm. “How did he speak over the storm without raising his voice?” I wondered.
Isaac lead the way towards the screaming children he somehow heard over the storm. I could see once we got close enough that there were two elementary students, I’d say grade five, buried underneath about a foot of rubble. We marched toward them and got on either side of the large piece of rubble hefting it up with great force, for me at least, Isaac lifted it like nothing. He must work out. Together we carried the injured students to the basement and got them proper medical treatment. They had only minor injuries luckily.
The storm passed a couple minutes after and the town got together to clean up. Isaac and I were later declared town heroes for saving the children, who happened to be the mayor’s son and
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