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Analysis of TS Eliot’s The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock Stanza Three Eliot attempts to sidetrack the readers train of though away from the feeling of depression due to the description of the current society by describing his surrounds in dept. This shadows the ‘overwhelming question’ of ‘what happens to society after World War 1?’ and gives the reader hope in the form of reassurance that there will be “time” for answers later, allowing them to carry on with their lives. This stanza links the theme ‘going it alone’ through Eliot’s optimism of the future. The current mood among society is dark and depressed due to World War one and Eliot’s opinion would not have been shared by the majority. * Eliot uses the repetition of “the…show more content…
Jaryd Minton and Jacob Broxom Stanza 6 The poet is describing his awareness of how people judge him according to their own set of standards at first glance, and that their standards often don’t apply to his own. This makes him feel as helpless as a bug pinned in a glass case for inspection, unable to deny peoples perception of him as the lowest in society. This stanza is linked to the idea of going it alone, as the poet knows that society is judging him because of his individuality, yet he refuses to conform to their views of how an average person should be. The poet uses the metaphor “The eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase” to show this judgmental nature of society that must be opposed. 7th stanza In the 7th stanza he implies that women are merely arms and he uses them in the same repetitive phrase as he has “known them all” -In the first stanza he makes reference to walking through the half deserted streets it would then make sense to have seen her arm under a lamplight of which he has more familiarity then other “known arms” -Digression means to stray from the point which he has done for most of the poem he blames this on perfume again we can assume that this comes from the
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