Mr P Is An Unassuming Gentleman

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Mr P
At 54 years old, Mr P is an unassuming gentleman, who was bright-eyed and friendly when we first met at his local GP surgery. Having gone through 2 divorces, Mr P describes himself as a “loner”1. He currently lives alone in his flat which is conveniently close to his GP and parents. A man who is skilled with his hands, Mr P has worked as a mechanic, roofer and landscaper before retiring in September 2015 after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He now lives off his hard-earned savings and still prepares himself three meals daily.
It all began in March 2013, when Mr P discovered that he was losing weight and that he had a growing lump on the left side of his neck for the past month. “When you have a lump on your body you naturally think cancer”1 and so he decided to visit his GP who then referred him to an ENT specialist at Queens Medical Centre (QMC). There he had a biopsy done which led to the abysmal diagnosis of head and neck cancer which Mr P claimed he “knew it was coming”1.
Mr P started smoking at the age of 11 years old, where he would steal cigarettes from his parents’ sweet shop. On certain days, he would smoke up to 45 to 50 cigarettes. He was advised on numerous occasions to stop and he finally resolved to quitting cold turkey at 47 years old after suffering from a TIA. Nonetheless, Mr P is aware that his smoking habit “has done its damage now”1.
In May 2013, Mr P underwent surgery at QMC for a left tonsillectomy and a left radical neck dissection. The

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