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PARTHA BAGCHI (STAMMERING CURE CENTRE)-Is he taking advantage in the name of cure?
Dear All,

I would like to share my experience at Stammering Cure Centre, Bangalore, India, a centre founded by Mr. Partha Bagchi who claims to cure stammering in two weeks (details of which you can find at ( . Before I start I would like to state in no way, I would like to demoralize all those people who attended this centre and believes to be completely cured, I am really happy for those people who have been able to cure themselves after attending his course, it is actually a manifestation that they have accepted their problem, changed their speaking style and controlled the flow of speech. However, I would like to raise some
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I have seen during the course that time and again, he maintains the fact that people do not like to listen to a person who speaks fast. Is it true? If it is, then in that case, people who are involved in News Channels (particularly those anchoring the news) should be thrown out of their jobs. I will quote here that there was a guy who told us that even before coming to the centre he was able to speak well, he did not stammer and could speak fluently if he slowed down his rate of speech, but if he speaks in his normal way, he stammers and fumbles upon different words. The guy left after attending for 8-10 days. I analyzed his point and came to the conclusion that he wanted to speak in the same way as a non stutterer - achieving perfect fluency and not in the medium lengthening way of Mr. Bagchi and please note he was not a case of an extreme stammerer, while speaking with us I have hardly seen him stammering. This is my view point of his statement, I leave it to the readers how they analyze this guy’s statement.

Now come to this important point. Check his site where he mentions “As an Ex-Stammerer, I understand stammering is a rock-like hurdle for you and a major impediment on your way to a successful and bright career. I have also passed through a similar period of

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