Mr. Price's Decision On Human Characteristics

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All structures begin with people and companies need to base their mission on human characteristics. Trained and experienced personnel are essential to create a suitable environment throughout the teams that allow the organization to flourish. Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments announced that all minimum salary employees instantly placed at a $70,000 starting salary. He based his decision on a Princeton study that was based on the idea that happiness has a monetary amount and once financial stability is achieved, all other aspects of life become enjoyable. The magic number to that happiness is $70,000, any amount over will have no influence that will create a positive outcome for the employee and employer. All organizations strive off of…show more content…
As brothers, Lucas and Dan Price established their vision of business on their value of family. Dan owns 70% of the company whereas Lucas owns 30%, which led Dan to ultimately decide the future of the company. Initial claims began in March 2015, when Lucas realized that his brother had paid himself excessively and indestructibly deprived Lucas of the minority-share holder rights (Axelrod, 2015). Due to the inability to share and uphold the same vision for their company’s future, Lucas is filing for a lawsuit that will create unforeseen consequences to the company moving forward. With the lawsuit on Lucas’s behalf requesting an immediate bailout and fees for damages by the court date set in May 2016 (Axelrod, 2015); which will continue to pile on the uncertain future for the company. As of now, the company is having trouble making ends meet. Although, Mr. Price had the best of intentions to make his workers happy, it will not uphold for long.
As mentioned in Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 6-0, establishing collaboration is difficult but necessary and all participants must share information, perspectives, question assumptions, and exchange ideas to establish and maintain understanding (United States Army, 2012). Having a shared understanding is the only method to resolve potential misunderstandings and effectively
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