Mr Pulier Biography Essay

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Mr. Pulier has been an entrepreneur, an author, and a philanthropist for many years. He has helped to found or fund companies including Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone, to name a few. He has shown himself to be a leader in raising venture capital as well as helping political or charitable organizations. Mr. Eric Pulier speaks of technology’s growing influence on markets, trades, and governments. He believes himself to be lucky to have worked with many talented people. Mr. Pulier has history working with the cloud environment from his previous experience with Computer Sciences Corporation. He directed the planning and implementation of cloud offerings that help to provide IT to internal in addition to external sources. In more recent years…show more content…
Then in 2012 he wrote on The Enterprise Industrial Complex for Forbes Magazine. He tried to point out that focusing too much on one source or buyer was cutting government culture off from possible alternatives. Theses loyalties were beginning to hurt the prospects of companies trying to recover from the economic downturn. Also with this article he began bringing in the newer ideas of cloud computing and newer more efficient computer models. While business and writing have been important to Mr. Pulier so has his altruism. He created an educational program to teach about Multiple Sclerosis for the MS Society. Mr. Pulier is one of the founders of the ACE Foundation, a group committed to remaking how software is being used to handle the trials of the modern world. Ace Foundation is in partnership with Hero X to sponsor competitions that can bring new ideas to bear on solving the major problems on a global scale. Mr. Pulier is also a monetary contributor to the XPRIZE Foundation. XPRIZE is an organization whose goal is to inspire technical progress to benefit mankind. Mr. Eric Pulier serves on one of XPRIZE Foundations…show more content…
Pulier still chooses to be on the board of a summer camp for sick children called The Painted Turtle. The camp is for kids who are faced with severe and long-lasting ailments. Mr. Pulier is the father of four children and has a home in
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