Mr. Roberts The Property Owner

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Terry a student at the Center College has rented an apartment from Mr./Mrs Roberts and from ever since they have been having a huge problem with each other, due to Terry is not paying her rent on time, and Mr. Roberts fails to repair the apartment. However, what I have analyzed is that Mr. Roberts the property owner (landlord) said he is having a huge problem with his tenant Terry where paying her rent is a concern. Terry on the other hand claims that paying her rent on time is not a big deal, but her living condition need immediate attention, in which she have spoken to Mr. Roberts countless times about, but he fails to repair the apartment. Consequently, upon the confrontation with both parties, Mr. Roberts and his tenant Terry to collect his rent, there was an incident where Terry glass got damage. Therefore, this process will seek to repair the harm/hurt to both parties focusing o the harm, obligation and the engagement of both parties in order to satisfy both needs. Therefore, hearing both sides of the story is an important step in order to resolves this conflict. Both Terry and her landlord Mr. Roberts needs are important, and both parties have the right to ask for their needs. Furthermore, as a tenant, I think that Terry has the right to complain to her landlord Mr. Roberts if she is experiencing problems with the bathroom ceiling, etc. Mr. Roberts on the other hand, also has the right to ask Terry his tenant for his rent. Hence, Restorative justice focuses on three
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