Mr. Roberts The Property Owner

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Terry a student at the Center College has rented an apartment from Mr./Mrs Roberts and from ever since they have been having a huge problem with each other, due to Terry is not paying her rent on time, and Mr. Roberts fails to repair the apartment. However, what I have analyzed is that Mr. Roberts the property owner (landlord) said he is having a huge problem with his tenant Terry where paying her rent is a concern. Terry on the other hand, claims that paying her rent on time is not a big deal, but her living condition needs immediate attention, in which she had spoken to Mr. Roberts countless times about, but he fails to repair the apartment. Consequently, upon the confrontation with both parties, Mr. Roberts and his tenant Terry to…show more content…
What are their needs? And whose obligations are these?” What I have also analysed is that both parties have been harmed/hurt in one way or the other. This can due to the fact that, they are not paying attention to each other needs effectively. Therefore, both Mr. Roberts and Terry Smith, will begin to comprehend the consequences of their behavior, by taking responsibility to repair the harm in order to make things right. Thus, both parties will be interviewed separately, in order to get more information about each other needs, the finally both parties will come together in the decision process and what justice is required in this case. However, during the meeting with Terry I analysed that because Mr. Roberts fails to attend to her needs, by fixing the apartment, etc. Consequently, she declined paying her rent and refuses to listen to his complaints about where to put the trash etc. She mentioned that she is financially stable, so there is no problem for her to pay her rent on time, but where comfort is a concern that is her priority. She said that just as much as paying her rent that will result making her landlord comfortable, she also wants to be comfortable as well. Therefore, what I analysed here is that if Mr. Robert pay attention to her needs, she would do the same that will enhance the happiness on both sides. Thus, fixing the apartment, repairing the soiled and ripped wallpaper, replace some cracked plaster and
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