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Freshman year, language arts was just a class; I did not care to excel my abilities and never seen the importance of literature. Sophomore year, I dreaded going to English 10, for language arts was my all time least favorite and weakest subject. However, I had Mrs. Sohnly for my sophomore year, and my whole perspective changed. Mrs. Sohnly was not new to the education department at Evergreen; she has influenced lives since my parents were in high school. I was comfortable with the fact that my parents loved her teaching, and it gave me hope that I would have a teacher that would change my excitement toward reading and writing. Mrs. Sohnly taught me that books have a deeper meaning than just what was written on the pages; it was almost like a life-lesson. Life comes at you directly, but you have to look at life with its hidden message. Many students dreaded to read a new book for class, but I loved it. Mrs. Sohnly’s love for reading books influenced the way I felt about them. I loved the way Mrs. Sohnly would engage with her students while reading The Great Gatsby or How to Kill a Mockingbird. Evergreen High School was quite fortunate to have Mrs. Sohnly as an educator because she made a success out of all her students.…show more content…
Sohnly is that she is very approachable. I loved spending free time with her venting about how unrealistic the show The Bachelor is, or getting excited whenever The Walking Dead would make a new season. Mrs. Sohnly was one of my best friends in high school, and even though she sadly retired after my junior year, it always brings me a smile whenever I see her substitute teaching. Every day she teaches, it is a good day because she is passionate about affecting her students’ lives. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to be taught by such a wonderful teacher because she truly did care about me and my future. Without her, I would not have achieved some of the many goals I made for
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