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Module Code: PM002 Class/Group: Group C Module Title: Research Design and Critique Assessment: Full Research Proposal Assignment Title: An investigation into the factors that influence the Glaswegian public’s choice of car. Student ID Number: 2059626 Date of Submission: November 29th, 2012 An investigation into the factors that influence the Glaswegian public’s choice of car. Rationale The number of automobiles had risen to over 1 billion vehicles all the world in 2010, which is 20 times more than this number in 1986(Sousanis, John,2011). Car plays a indispensable role in today's society, according to a survey from World Bank(2011), the number of ownership of motor…show more content…
Randol E. Bucklin, S. Siddarth, Jorge M. Silva-Risso,(2008), “Distribution Intensity and New Car Choice”,JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH, Vol. XLV, 473-496. This journal demonstrate that the relationship between 4S shops distribution intensity of cars and brand new car buyers’ choices in the U.S. automobile market. Different from price, effect of advertising, promotional activities and other factors, distribution intensity changes relatively slow, but the distribution intensity will be affected some variables, thereby might affect decisions of consumers buying cars. Additionally, this article used information on the U.S car sales transactions gave by the Power Information Network, which included the accurate geographic locations of consumers and dealers. Non-probability sampling method was used in 55 4S shops as a samples. Dealer accessibility, dealer concentration and dealer spread would determine distribution intensity and then will largely affect the choice of the people for the car brands. This journal is relevant to the topic of this research, firstly it provides information about what factors will influence the public’s choice of car, secondly it shows how the three main variables influence the distribution intensity of each brand, so that influence the public’s choice of car. However, this study focuses on
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