Mr Thomas Narrative

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Despite me being late to class, Mr. Thomas didn't give me detention, which in my case is an achievement. He tends to never let anyone off the hook, so I was fortunate. Mr. Thomas took pleasure in disciplining us, unfortunately we constantly had to do things that were unnecessary as I like to call it. Sometimes he made us run around the track, as if that was such a good idea to do in the morning. Sadly today was one of those days. My classmates and I were in a single file line, we weren't allowed to utter a single word or we'd get more laps. Being in his class made me feel like a child all over again. At the moment Mr. Thomas was pacing around holding a clipboard in one hand, meanwhile the other held a pen. "Today we'll be running twenty in five minutes, failed to do so will be forced to play dodge ball with the seniors," He paused grinning. "You all know how they love to throw around those balls at the poor little freshmen's, sadly you aren't anymore. Anyways those who succeed will get to sit in the bleachers, drinking nice cold water. Get in groups of two." Everyone walked in unison towards the…show more content…
Thomas?" I politely called out, his head snapped up, arching his left eyebrow. "What?" He questioned, staring at me expectantly. "Well...could I go to the nurse's office, my stomach hurts." My lips forced into a tight line looking away. I wasn't much of a liar, but for my sake, it was a must in this situation. Mr. Thomas wrote something down on his clipboard, "Are you on your period?" He bluntly asked without looking up. My ears couldn't believe what they just heard. Clearly, whenever us girls get a stomach ache, it immediately means we're at that time of the month, wonder how many brain cells the genius that came up with such ridiculous theory had. I'd like to personally congratulate them with a big smack across the face. If a guy came up with it, indeed it wouldn't shock me, guys are such dumdums sometimes. Or all the time depending on the
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