Mr. Thomas - Original Writing

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“I do hope to see around, Mr Thomas,” Scarlett said as Braydon wiped his tears from his flushed cheeks. “I can tell you and I have a lot in common.”
His face was still red but not because of the last half hour of the intense mind unblocking session. He wished he could think of something smooth to say back to the attractive woman before him. He’d never been good with words and his mind was all over the place. Instead, he gave a half smile as his nodded his head.
Scarlett guided Braydon to another glossy black door, her hips swaying as she walked just a little in front of him. His eyes diverted to the floor.
As he passed through the door, disorientation claimed Braydon. He’d explored so many rooms, so many doors, he was unsure if he could find his way out of the building even if he wanted to.
The area he was in now possessed no windows, dimly lit by a few soft spot lights in the ceiling. Two tall red armchairs were positioned in the centre of the room separated by an oblong table with a strange electronic device planted in the middle. Intrigued, Braydon skulked over to inspect the machine a little closer.
The slam of another door caused him to jump, his eyes darting around to find the culprit of the loud noise. Braydon’s muscles relaxed as his stare fixed upon her, a woman even more beautiful than Scarlett. Like all the women he’d seen here, she had striking glossy brown hair.
“I hope I didn’t scare you, Sir,” She said, her hand resting on her hip as she came closer.
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